We provide educational resources that are informative and age appropriate for Little People and for Adults. Learn more about resources for children by clicking on family support.
We believe that healthy families contribute to healthy communities. Children are vulnerable to poverty, inter-generational incarceration, and other adverse outcomes.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit DC Project Connect's Children Resource Center. This site is intended to be a companion tool for our Publications.  Please feel free to browse this site for resources and contact us for more information.

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When incarceration hits, it hurts families. We provide crisis intervention, grief support, and resources to help families stay connected.

Approximately ​​​2.7 million children in the U.S. are affected by parental incarceration. ​ Over 40% of these children are under 9 yrs. old. Many children have not been told where their absent parent is. This book, "Jamie's Big Visit: Grownup Timeout (Incarceration) helps a caregiver to have that difficult  and "Big" conversation with affected children.   It is also estimated that 10 million children  face a parent's incarceration in some point in their lives.  Your gift  can provide  direct support to affected children.  On a broader scale, we hope to disseminate these books nation wide with the right sponsorship.  However, for now, we are happy to provide these publications to those who need these tools.

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