Author: Dr. Avon Hart-Johnson (c) 2016

The Book: "Jamie's Big Visit"

Illustration: Andy Hoang 

This is a  story about Jamie's discovery of a parent's incarceration, the comfort of symbolic keepsakes, and how a frightening experiences can be for children during a prison visit . This book helps he caregiver to prepare children for that often traumatic event.  It is our dream to have  this book will travel across the United States to thousands of children who need these tools.  Please help us deliver this book on Jamie's Big Visit, to thousands of children across the nation.

We thank you for considering us.

Did you know that:

  • 1 in 9 African American children; 1 in 28 Hispanic Children; and 1 in 57 Caucasian children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent?
  • That children are falsely identified as being at risk for committing  crime leading to incarceration than their peers?
  •  Children need their parents, whether we think they are good or bad people, we have no right to judge their love.
  • 25% of these children lived with an intact family before their parent’s incarceration.
  •  Half of the children who have an incarcerated mother, live with their grandparents.

​Reference:  Rutgers University. (2015).Children and Families of the incarcerate fact sheet. 

How Sponsors Can Support the Community

​Your Generous Donations Can Contribute to our initiative to:

  • Deliver Books to Title 1 (low income high risk area ) schools and community centers.
  • We will hold "Story time" at Public Libraries
  • We will distribute books to Halfway houses' with visitation settings
  • We will provide books for families who visit jails and prisons
  • We will share books with childcare centers and charter schools in high risk areas
  • We will ensure that children and their caregivers understand how to convey difficult information through the use of this colorful book. 
  • We will create and deliver Teaching Aids for parents and teachers.
  • You are contributing to a better world by helping  to ease a child's trauma.

How We Do it!

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